Alter ego

She was still the same. Cute, cheerful and sweet.
My dear Asa-chan.
Haven’t seen her for ages, since we were children.
She always was my alter ego. Instead of me – unsociable, silent, living a secluded life, she was so bright that we obviously paired each other.
Time’s passed. We are no pair anymore. No Bonny and Clyde, no Romeo and Juliet, no Homer and Marge.
She sends me letters. Here is the new one.
She writes a lot of unknown names. Rimu-chan, Kaede, Nerine and that guy Rin. Never heard of.
She sent me some photos of her enclosed. Still cute. Still cheerful. Still loved.
Hope that she is happy.
I never answer.
I’m just a guy from another life.
Life that will never repeat again.


Cheer up!


Review of Asa Shigure by Alter:
Asa Shigure is a obviously great 1/8 scale figure from Alter. Overall details of her sculpt are beyond any belief. This is more than a figure, it is a statue. Pay attention to how her skirt is lovely detailed.
Kuramoto Ikuma must have been in love with Asa-chan. 🙂

Glance from above

Asa full figure back

There are no spots on the hair or face and the knees are painted properly. So I may only admire the figure. Nothing else.
The base the figure comes with is also cute: green, clear and with the Shuffle! logo written. Nothing more needed. 🙂

Asa Shigure

Asa wallpaper

Anime: “Shuffle!”
Manufacturer: Alter
Originally Released: November 2008
Sculptor: Kuramoto Ikuma
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/8
Height: 21cm (8 1/4 inches)

~ by gwennan on March 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Alter ego”

  1. These images are simple, fresh, as the beautiful Asa. Your great shooteing show her such as she is, and with beauty. Congratulation!

  2. Thnak you, my dear. I’ve sent you a letter. Please tell me if it was ok.

  3. […] de Gwennan. Serez-vous, vous aussi, charmés comme je l’ai été avec cette reviews d’Asa Shigure […]

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