Lonely child

“If it comes for modeling” – says Sieglinde – “it is hard to find a real model”. Like her of course.
She poses beautifully, but it just seems to me that her face stays cold and somehow despondent.
I can’t explain, but I still feel it and my senses are infallible.
Something bothers her, something she can’t describe.
I believe that it was that guy Jin, that brought her to my studio.
Maybe she was in love. Maybe she still is.

She obviously needs a good listener and I can be that kind of listener.
Kohi wa doko deshita, Baumgard-San?


Sieglinde Baumgard


Review of Sieglinde Baumgard by Orchid Seed:
I have to mention that Orchid Seed makes good figurines. Not great, but really good.
Still there are some problems with painting and some embossments on hair, but the sculpt overall deserves its 7 at the scale of 10.


Sieglinde wallpaper

The base the figure comes with is purple and clear with some white ornament on it. Cute, simple and not distracting from Sieglinde figure.

Sieglinde Baumgard full figure back

I'm bringing sexy back

Anime: “Dragonaut-the resonance”
Manufacturer: Orchid Seed
Originally Released: January 2009
Sculptor: Masaaki Kobayashi
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/7  (8.19 inches)
Height: 21cm

~ by gwennan on May 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Lonely child”

  1. Such a cute figurine 🙂 Sort of pure kawaii 🙂

  2. Nice reviews ! I’am happy for your participation ! Nice pic ! Congratulation and thanks for this presentation ^^

  3. […] Orchid Seed. Vous pouvez dès à présent retrouver cette présentation sur son blog, en cliquant ici. Celle qui m’avait charmé avec ses photos d’Alice Pop Wonderland, nous offre ici […]

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