My quiet girl

“Have you seen Sora?” – I was asked.
When I have seen her? I really do not remember. Two days ago, maybe three.
She used to talk with me about her brother.
She really loved him. I do not know if he loved her too.
A strange story. But obviously about love.
If i will see her again, I will hug her. One more time.


Sweet Sora


Shy Sora

Sora wallpaper

Hand closeup

Review of Kasugano Sora by Alter:
Alter is one of my favorite figure makers. I will say this again and again. Some say that they make too simple bases, but I love simplicity. It is always better than being too much.
Sora is simple and just excellent. The figure resembles the character exactly. What do we need more.
The main problem is her box. It is very big. I mean VERY BIG.
That is because of second head of Sora with the flying pigtails, but I do not use this one. I love her with long hair more.
Macro shots show some paint bugs, biut as you know, macro is just macro…
I will give the sculpt overall its 9 points from 10.
And if you love Sora, you should find this figure and add her to your collection, if not added.


Sora closeup


Full figure

Sora from up above

Clear glance

Anime: “Yosuga no Sora”
Manufacturer: Alter
Originally Released: November 2011
Sculptor: Otsuyama Houjun 乙山 法純
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/8 (7.8 inches)
Height: 20cm

Hands and dress

Sora face

~ by gwennan on September 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “My quiet girl”

  1. Wonderful as usual! Though, I can’t say it’s my favourite figure. But it’s only my opinion 🙂

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